Become energy independent

- Design your own renewable energy system
With the 2nd Degree Power tool anyone interested in renewable energy can within minutes design an economically optimized renewable energy system for their community or business.
The tool includes solar and wind power options for electrical power generation and heat pump system optimization for heating and cooling needs.
The 2nd Degree Power tool optimises the share of wind turbine and solar panel capacity to fulfill the electrical power requirement and also proposes the most economical solar collector and heat pump solution to satisfy the cooling and heating requirements.
Using the 2nd Degree Power is easy:
  1. Click to select your location on the map
  2. Enter the total heated or cooled area and number of households
  3. Select the type of building that best matches your setup
  4. Select the prevailing wind conditions of your area from the options
  5. Press the ”Calculate and Optimize” button to see the optimized result
The 2nd Degree Power tool then calculates the optimal combination of wind turbines, solar panels, solar collectors and heat pumps based on the energy consumption requirements (both electricity and heat or cooling) and the available wind and solar energy resources at the location.
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